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K2MS™ Perinatal Training Programme (PTP)


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I'm having problems...

Please Note:

Whenever possible your hospital's K2 system administrators should be your initial point of contact whenever you experience difficulties with the K2 System. This is especially so where log on difficulties occur.

If you are unable to logon do not re-register and create a new account because:

  1. The account created will not be associated with a current hospital license, which in turn will prevent you from using it.
  2. Training associated with an earlier account will not appear in the new, resulting in additional training.
  3. Having two or more accounts often creates further confusion due to the logonID and password combinations.

The following points address the most common problems.

  • Passwords are case sensitive; please check whether your CAPS LOCK key is on or off and that you have entered your details exactly as provided.
  • Zeros (0) contained in password and LogonIDs are sometimes mistaken for letter Os (O or o) or vice versa. The same mistake can apply to the letter l (lowercase L), uppercase letter I and the number 1.
  • New passwords can be obtained via the ‘Forgotten Password’ link on the K2 logon page. Just enter your logonID and the email address associated with your K2 account to receive a password email.
  • Any new password received is case sensitive and temporary. When used for the first time a prompt appears requesting the password is changed to something more memorable. Your choice will need to be at least 6 characters in length. To increase the security of your training history and person details passwords should contain numbers, upper and lower case letters and other characters such a *, %, &, $ and £. Please note whether the CAPS LOCK key is on or off at the time the password is changed.
  • K2 System administrators at the hospital can reset your password. Please pass along an email address at the time of the request. Adding it to your account allows you to reset your password as and when required. Personal email addresses can be used, but note that these will be accessible to K2 System hospital administrators.
  • If you are unable to contact a hospital administrator please feel free to contact us.

Again, please Note:

Your hospital's K2 system administrators should be your initial point of contact.

Your overall progress through the Training System can be checked via the "My Progress" icon (below) on the home page.

Progress Icon image

The icon reveals a page similar to the following...

Progress Page image

There are a number of things to note about this screen...

  • The list will only show chapters you have completed.
  • The email certificate column. Press the 'email certificate' button to issue your certificate for that particular chapter.

Once a navigation tab has been selected, a screen like the following will appear…

There are a number of things to note about this screen...

  • Any progress displayed in the right hand column relates to training carried out after the latest completion date.
  • If there are no green ticks in the right hand column, either:
    • The relevant section has not been completed since the latest completion date.
    • Any section undertaken since the completion date has expired because it is more than a year old. Sections completed over a year ago are not considered current and are deemed invalid for certification purposes.
  • By clicking the relevant section title it will automatically launch the corresponding chapter.

Progress within a chapter can also be viewed via the progress button displayed in each chapter, as below...

Progress Menu item

... clicking it reveals a page similar to the following; each section being accessible via the "Main Menu" button on the page above.

Progress Summary Page

Why am I having problems registering or purchasing an individual license?

If you have forgotten or lost your logon details please do not create a new account by re-registering. Instead, contact one of your hospital’s K2 System administrators for help or reset the password yourself via the link on the training site’s logon page.

  • The main problem encountered during the registration process results from your choice of LoginID. If rejected the chosen LoginID is associated with an existing account. Where a professional identifier such as an NMC PIN or GMC number is used, please contact us. This approach has the advantage of re-activating and carrying forward any current (and historical) training records. At the same time we have the option to transfer the account to another hospital if required.
  • If the Login ID you have chosen is not your professional ID, and you do not have an existing K2 account, you will need to modify your choice. Using a professional registration number is the preferred option, provided that you are comfortable with its storage and retention on the system.

Following successful registration and logon the following screen and message is displayed.

Registry Confirmation

Clicking the "purchase a membership" displays the following screen and starts the purchase procedure. The optional PayPal account is not required.

PayPal Payment

Why do I receive licensing reminders?

For the fourteen days before a hospital’s K2 license is due to expire license reminders appear on the home page following login. When displayed please contact your hospital's K2 System administrators. Typically, the license renewal process is already underway and the reminders stop on receipt of payment.

If you have purchased an individual licensing agreement you will need to repeat the online purchase process.

K2 Now includes a self-certification service for all users to be able to receive, view and print their certificates via their registered email address.

In order to alter the email address the certificate is sent to, you will need to click on “My Details” as shown below from your homepage


Then you will need to change the email address registered to your account, and click submit. Once you have the correct email address registered, you are ready to email and print your certificate. After changing your email address, you should have been taken back to the homepage. If not, please click on “Home” from the left hand navigation menu. From here you have 2 options, you can either click on “E-mail my certificate” Located under the “My Details” section on the right hand side of the page, or you can click on the “My Progress” link from the left hand navigational menu.


This will take you to your progress page, where you will, by default, have the “Overall Progress” tab selected. Here you can view all completed chapters of the Perinatal Training Programme. To obtain a copy of your certificate for each section, you will need to click on the “E-mail Certificate” button for each chapter, located to the right of your completion date.


You will then be taken to a questionnaire designed to obtain feedback on how helpful and educational the material is, as well as how it could be improved. We would appreciate your honesty in helping us to make the K2 Medical Systems Perinatal Training Programme a more useful, accurate resource that will hopefully help to save lives in the future.


Once the questionnaire has been completed, please click on the “Get Certificate” button at the bottom to proceed and email yourself a copy of the certificate.


Shortly, you will receive a certificate from K2 Medical Systems Support via email. If you do not receive this within an hour, we would first recommend checking your email junk/spam folder, otherwise check you have entered the correct email address with us and repeat the process.

If you have previously completed the questionnaire and wish to re-print your certificate, just click on the “E-mail Certificate” button again, and a message will be displayed to confirm your request.


The email you receive should look similar to the following:


Once open, please double click or download the attachment to open, depending on which email provider & client you use.


Below, we are using Adobe Acrobat Pro to open the attachment. You may use different clients to open your PDF files, but the basic principle is usually the same. Click on “File” and then on “Print” to obtain your copy of your K2 Perinatal Training Programme certificate.


I need to transfer myself to another hospital...

A transfer consists of two stages,

  • The account is transferred to the new hospital via the "My Details" screen on the home page (see screen below) or by contacting us.
  • The transferred account must then be accepted on to the new hospital’s list by one or their K2 System administrators.

To transfer your own K2 account login to the system in the usual way and on the homepage click the My Details icon to display the following page.

My details page

Click the link above and select your new hospital from the resulting list. Your training account is now frozen until a system administrator at the new hospital accepts and activates it from their user list. The account is immediately accessible following the activation process. Where an email address is associated with the account an automated email will confirm the activation process.

If you are unable to access the K2 System please contact us with a transfer request.

If the following screen is displayed you will need join a hospital list, as described above, or buy an individual license.

Hospital Confirmation

I am a K2 System hospital administrator, how do I transfer a new employee’s training account to our hospital?

Ask the person to login and transfer themselves as per the instructions above and then activate their account from your User Manager list. If at all possible please add or amend their email address at this point. Alternatively, contact us with the person's name, Login ID and e-mail address (if known) so that we can carry out the transfer.

As a hospital administrator how do I transfer a user account to another hospital?

Administrators can only remove a user from your hospital list. To do this locate the person’s account in your User Manager list, click their Login ID to display their details and click the remove link, as shown below.

Remove User Link

This process does not delete their account or training history from the K2 System, it merely disables the account until it is added to another hospital list or the person purchases an individual K2 license.

K2 Support Contacts

UK and Ireland

01752 397 800 opt 1 for support
(+44) 1752 397 800 opt 1 for support

or e-mail us at [email protected]


1300 763 989

or e-mail us at [email protected]

New Zealand

04 889 2238

or e-mail us at [email protected]