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K2MS™ Perinatal Training Programme (PTP)


If you are a K2 Administrator for a Hospital then we do have a PTP K2 Admin Guide available, please contact [email protected] to receive yours now.

Please Note:

Whenever possible your hospital's K2 system administrators should be your initial point of contact whenever you experience difficulties with the K2 System. This is especially so where log on difficulties occur.

If you are unable to logon do not re-register and create a new account because:

  1. The account created will not be associated with a current hospital license, which in turn will prevent you from using it.
  2. Training associated with an earlier account will not appear in the new, resulting in additional training.
  3. Having two or more accounts often creates further confusion due to the logonID and password combinations.

The following points address the most common problems.

  • Passwords are case sensitive; please check whether your CAPS LOCK key is on or off and that you have entered your details exactly as provided.
  • Zeros (0) contained in password and LogonIDs are sometimes mistaken for letter Os (O or o) or vice versa. The same mistake can apply to the letter l (lowercase L), uppercase letter I and the number 1.
  • New passwords can be obtained via the ‘Forgotten Password’ link on the K2 logon page. Just enter your logonID and the email address associated with your K2 account to receive a password email.
  • Any new password received is case sensitive and temporary. When used for the first time a prompt appears requesting the password is changed to something more memorable. Your choice will need to be at least 6 characters in length. To increase the security of your training history and person details passwords should contain numbers, upper and lower case letters and other characters such a *, %, &, $ and £. Please note whether the CAPS LOCK key is on or off at the time the password is changed.
  • K2 System administrators at the hospital can reset your password. Please pass along an email address at the time of the request. Adding it to your account allows you to reset your password as and when required. Personal email addresses can be used, but note that these will be accessible to K2 System hospital administrators.
  • If you are unable to contact a hospital administrator please feel free to [email protected]

Again, please Note:

Your hospital's K2 system administrators should be your initial point of contact.

This is where you will come to request your certificates:

Progress Manager

You can either click on ‘Latest Completions’ or ‘Historical Completions’ to request these certificates.

Under ‘My Progress’ you will also see which sections of the chapter have been completed:

Progress 2

At the top in red you can see the date the chapter was last completed. Then below this, you will see all the sections of that chapter and either a grey tick or a green tick. The green tick shows the sections that have been completed and the grey ones show the ones that still need to be completed. Clicking the section title will take you straight to that section.

To update any of your personal information please click on ‘My Details’ here you will see the following:


My Details


As you can see from the above you are able to change your Firstname, Surname, Professional ID, Email address and Country, once you have changed your details please ensure to press the submit button.

Updating your email address is vital, you will need to ensure this is correct to receive your certificates, Forgotten Password links and Forgotten Logon ID links.

From this page you can also change your password and Transfer your account.

If you are transferring your account to work in a different country then please ensure to select the Country using the dropdown option before transferring your account.

Once your account has been transferred you will then need to advise one of the Administrators at the Site to activate your account. You will not be able to proceed with any training until your account has been activated.

If you have a ‘To Do’ list assigned to you on the right hand side of the homepage, for example:


To Do List


Then you have been assigned to a Learning Pathway from your Administrator.

If you have been asked to do the chapter and assessment, then the chapter name will be listed twice but the ‘Requirement’ will show differently.


Antenatal CTG Complete Chapter

Antenatal CTG 80% CAT Score  = Assessment Tool

As you can see there is a deadline column. This will show you your deadline date, if you are overdue, or a green tick will show to say you have completed it. Clicking the training name will take you straight to that section.

Reminder emails will be sent if this option has been selected by your administrator.

Entering the chapter after completion will restart your training. If the training has begun on a page not intended then please either click on the house icon in the top left hand corner, icon shown below:


This will then take you back to the main menu of that chapter.

Or you can click on the progress bar located in the same area, icon shown below:

Progress Bar

You can access the Competency Assessments via 2 ways. You can either click the ‘Home’ button in the menu and then navigate to ‘Competency Assessment Tool’, as shown below:


Or you can select the Chapter you would like to complete the assessment for and then click on the ‘Complete Assessment’ button within the Chapter, as shown below:


A transfer consists of two stages,

  • The account is transferred to the new Hospital via the "My Details" screen on the home page (see screen below) or by contacting [email protected]
  • The transferred account must then be accepted on to the new Hospital’s list by one of the K2 System administrators at the Hospital.

To transfer your own K2 account, login to the system in the usual way and on the homepage click the My Details icon to display the following page:



Transfer 2

Click the ‘here’ link above and select your new hospital from the resulting list. Your training account is now frozen until a system administrator at the new hospital accepts and activates it from their user list. The account is immediately accessible following the activation process. Where an email address is associated with the account an automated email will confirm the activation process.

If you are unable to access the K2 System please contact [email protected] with a transfer request.

If the following screen is displayed you will need to join a hospital list, as described above, or buy an individual license:

Transfer 3

For the fourteen days before a hospital’s K2 license is due to expire license reminders appear on the home page following login. When displayed please contact your hospital's K2 System administrators. Typically, the license renewal process is already underway and the reminders stop on receipt of payment.

If you have purchased an individual licensing agreement you will need to repeat the online purchase process.

To report an issue, you can do this via any of the following:



  • Use the ‘Report Issue’ function within a chapter:

         Report Issue

  • Use the ‘Feedback’ button at the homepage:



Here you can send any comments or queries to our K2 Support. You can either decide to be contacted or you can remove your email address if not.